Hello. My name is Gabriel, I'm a young passionate graphic designer currently studying at Parsons NYC and working on side projects. I was born and raised in Paris where my soul remains as I live exciting adventures and happy all-nighters in New York City.
— website made by myself.

Tray: A collection of discussions about societal topics & their outcome. Based on the idea of an ashtray, a mundane object sitting in the middle of conversations.
A colorful edition of RAND Corporation's
"A Million Random Digits" including old photographs of RAND's staff and facilities.
Event posters
Diagraphic food packaging system : a graphic visual element is generated from products' nutrition facts to become a visual translation of the data and its visual identity.
A printed typographic project working as a metaphor for people and their voice gathering in public space during the events of Nuit Debout in 2016, in Paris.
Mesma Records artworks & visual identity.
Wordmap displaying various NYC neighborhoods by major ethnic group and average rent.
Experiments for Tray publication.
Two typographic compositions featuring quotes by Albert Camus and Friedrich Nietzsche and some of my photographs.
Proposal for a re-branding of Médecins Sans Frontières.
"Adult Fantaisies": silkscreened pattern.